We make sure your brand’s investment in culture is as strategic, measured and consistent as any other marketing. Instead of stretching a media budget over more and more channels, our strategies deliver reach that’s earned, engaged and organic.


Why pay to interrupt culture when you could contribute to it?  With the right strategy and creative you can capture your audience’s imagination and create a conversation that actually means something to them. All brands can do this, provided they’re honest about their role in people’s lives. We’ll develop insights and strategy to earn attention using music, talent and culture in a way that’s engaging and authentic.


Words only take brand management so far, because words aren’t very good at feelings. Our groundbreaking research tool explores brands in a non-verbal way, using a series of datasets and AI tools. Based on humans’ universal emotional responses to music, the result is a more objective understanding of your brand’s potential relation to audio and emotion.

“The workshop was the best five hours I have spent delving into a brand, bar none”

Katje Guiri

Brand Director Joyn

“Their process unlocks the right sounds and music to be heard, or not heard, in all the right places.”

Erik Huggers

CEO VEVO, Intel, BBC iPlayer


By using Emotional Sonics to arrive at a better brand expression, we can then use data, insights and audience equivalents for better brand activity and channel choices. This builds an audience-led picture of the cultural spaces the brand can play in and the ways it can authentically take a point of view and join cultural conversations.


Audio is the key to building strong emotional connections with your audience, yet the competitive edge offered by sound is often wasted by brands. We make sure you stand out and get recognised in every touchpoint.