Want to let off some steam? And win your very own Sonos Roam?

With dancefloors closed and lockdown melting our brains, we’d like to give you the chance to turn your living room into a full-blown rave by winning a Sonos Roam, while hopefully relieving some lockdown stress at the same time.

Inspired by the Wilhelm Scream, a Hollywood sound effect that goes back to the early ’50s (and which is still in use to this day), we’d like to hear your most blood-curdling, gut-wrenching, I’m-sick-of-lockdown, my-roomate-talks-too-loud-on-the-phone, I-miss-real-life scream.

Entries close April 23rd

How to enter

Record and submit your scream below along with your name and email to enter.

Your entry should be
• A believable scream (really put your back into it)
• Roughly four seconds in length
• Unedited (no sneaky effects please!)

Good luck!