Amazing music is the difference between good and great. We have every aspect covered, from searches and supervision to composition and sound design. We have our own Central London studio and a cutting-edge music library.


With experience, expertise, and a network of music specialists covering every style, we’ll quickly find the music to complete your project, whether it’s film, advertising or online. We’ll respond to your brief sensitively, creatively – and quickly!


Our talent connections give us access to the finest writers, arrangers and performers, working to the highes level of production and feeding in creativity from a broad cultural network of styles and scenes


We’re experts in the complex field of licensing and can guide you through the minefield of streaming, syncs and performance rights.


We have a simple aim – phenomenal sound. As composers, producers and recording artists ourselves, we bring a deeper understanding to your project. From TVCs to documentaries and podcasts, we obsess over the details that give your production the peerless professional audio it deserves.


Audio is the key to building strong emotional connections with your audience. We make sure you stand out and get recognised in every touchpoint.


Our sister company Out/Standard is a carefully curated music library that raises the bar. Designed for discerning creatives whose work deserves better, the collection focuses on quality royalty-free compositions by leading producers and recording artists. No fluff and filler, just well-curated racks of incredible, affordable music.