It’s a weird feeling when your work leaps across into the widest public realm. This project made it onto Have I got News For You, got discussed by Jarvis Cocker on 6Music and, god help us, was a story in the Daily Mail. All because of an idea and piece we created for Radox.

The idea was to craft music worthy of the ultimate relaxing bath and perhaps transport you to a sumptuous spa experience (without a pan pipe in sight!). This evolved into attempting to create a song more relaxing than a massage. If nothing else this meant we could legitimately claim tax relief on massages for research purposes. Actually, the idea was born out of a lack of budget to produce a TV spot, which opened up opportunity for alternative ways to market a new Radox range of products. After kicking the creative can, the idea of a music solution providing a relaxing moment around bath time fit the product range and the target demographic, what we didn’t expect was for the story to evolve as it did.

We took a serious scientific approach. We pulled in Lyz Cooper, an eminent sound therapist, to collaborate with Marconi Union on composing music with characteristics that would be as relaxing as possible; from the tempo synced to a relaxed heartbeat to specific intervals on when to introduce new frequencies. The result was ECG tested by Mindlab against other relaxing songs by Adele, Mozart and the ultimate contender, a physical massage. Low and behold, our song tested as the most relaxing. So soporific and somnambulistic in fact that The Daily Mail warned people not to listen to it whilst driving for the danger of falling asleep.

The full package was a collection of songs accompanying the Marconi Union’s ‘Weightless’ from the same label and publisher, Just Music, who not only had repertoire fitting the brief but as independent rights holders, were flexible in getting a deal done with Marconi Union and 4 other artists, making up a 5 track EP. To give the EP a true music release feel, we commissioned iconic record sleeve artist, Behance, who art directed and designed all artwork for the campaign. We made the EP available to download via Radox’s Facebook, so long as you dropped a ‘like’ on Radox. This superceeded KPIs on Facebook engagement by 1000%. The campaign rolled out digitally and experientially with several installations in UK central City locations where the artwork could be seen and music heard in controlled spaces.

Behind The Scenes : The Making Of Weightless


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Could this be the sleeping pill of the future? British ambient band Marconi Union has drummed up the world's most relaxing song: "Weightless" is 8 min. 10 sec. of aural bliss, proved to reduce anxiety by 65% and slow heart rates by 35% as the listener's body rhythm syncs with the song's. Indeed, "Weightless" is so successful at inducing somnolence that scientists caution drivers not to listen to it while behind the wheel.