Who We Are

Our love and understanding of music is only a part of it.

With serious music industry heritage, we have a powerful and instinctive understanding of how to use music as a vital catalyst to make exciting things happen.

We work with advertising and creative branding agencies, brands, directors, experiential designers - the list is endless, as are the possibilities.

Great music, of limitless genres, is a shared passion in our studio. Actually, it’s more
than that. It is an illogical obsession.

Whilst this is occasionally hazardous to our domestic stability and constitution, it keeps us ahead (way ahead) of our competition.

Putting this music to work and being a part of a public phenomenon is where it gets really exciting.

Pitch & Sync was formed around ten years ago. A long time in music. Longer than The Beatles existed as a band. We could afford to work regularly with Paul Epworth, long enough to see the entire career, to date, of Adele. We watched Kanye start as a rapper with an interesting flow and evolve into, well, you get the idea.

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If nothing else, we are proud of destroying that miserable theory that you should never try to make a living from something you love!