Neighbour -hood

Our home is a basement in the very heart of Shoreditch. We came here long before it was an aspirational destination.

We came before you had the choice of almond milk with your single origin filter coffee.

It still makes sense to be here. We are walking, or cycling distance from a dense network of creative agencies, studios, venues and the worlds best record stores. A potent creative community.

Space is tight sometimes but we put up with that. Without wanting to sound superstitious, we have made some really great things happen here and have started to think that there is some deep and precious energy in the place!

If you’re happy to negotiate the piles of music, books, awards and instruments and you can function with a number of different conversations being shouted above the seemingly endless repeat play of a work in progress, then come and see us!

S H O R E D I T C H E 2

We’re here and we’re staying. As the studio expands we bring in fresh, young ears and ideas.


Scoring the neighbourhood. It started organically. Dropping into Franz and Evans for endless coffees and food we only ever complained about the music. It wasn’t working. A chat, some ideas and we agreed to curate a library of great and suitable music to match every mood of this very popular destination. From early morning through to late afternoon and, occasionally, into evening the place now sounds as exquisite, interesting and cool as it tastes. It worked so well we were delighted to curate a corresponding library of sounds for their Japanese deli. We keep hinting for a complimentary trip! The feedback is great which is a compliment indeed from a very discerning audience!

The research may be crude. It was basically asking regulars to scribble on a napkin. The results are interesting though. This is a top 10 favourite tracks as decided by the very critical regulars and staff of Franz and Evans. We cannot promise but most visits to our studio take in a coffee and cake break at the place. Decide for yourself!


Right above us is the atelier of Helen Amy Murray. A luxury couture brand. Helen’s signature is intricate, hand crafted and exquisite decorative work on beautiful materials. Her work finds it’s way into some of the most beautiful hotels and private residences around the world.

Her studio and gallery is constantly visited by a privileged elite. A visit is an experience and needs to be soundtracked. We worked with Helen and her team to craft a very eclectic and intelligent curation of music. It needs to be music that is contemplative to enable the intense concentration that goes into the process. It needs also, however, to delight with pleasure. We are really proud of it. The important bit is the response for Helen, her team and the elegant figures who drift in and out of the place. All frequently comment on how great the music is. We’ll happily take that one! The favourite tracks show an odd curiosity when written down. Played in the Helen Amy Murray space they make perfect sense!


Radio is a hair salon that is also somewhere between a cultural theatre and an art gallery with a bit of private members club throw in. Very cool people talking about very cool things while having their hair tended to by, you guessed it, very cool people. They are also very busy. They need a library of fantastic music at hand. It needs to feel as intuitive and effortlessly stylish as the haircut the customer walks out with.

Music that is off the mainstream. It needs to be music that reminds people that they are in the right place. It moves from tranquil and calm through to the impending storm of a weekend with all points in between.

Radio is the official haircutter of Pitch & Sync. We study the music, and its response, every time we visit. For Alex, this is very regularly! It means he has the best kept hair and Radio have the best maintained music library in Shoreditch. At last glance, this was the favourite top 10 tracks played in London’s coolest hair salon.

BLOK Shoreditch

A bit further down the road but as integral a part of Pitch & Sync as our Redchurch Street neighbours, BLOK is the place to be. A fitness hotspot within a slick and glossy setting, complete with state of the art studios, it’s pretty easy to be intimidated by the mere thought of it. Thankfully the team at BLOK are a welcoming and dynamic bunch, keen to show that fitness can be fun and is an essential way of life as opposed to a New Years’ Resolution that’s forgotten by February.

Having previously worked on them on a composition, we were subsequently approached by them to help curate their sound and reflect the needs of their customers. Gyms can be intimidating places. Even we can admit that not all of us are the best at working out on a regular basis, so we sought to curate a playlist that would get even the laziest person off their feet and straight to a barre class (or at least to their cafe to grab a ‘Green and Lean’ smoothie!).

A second home to some of London’s brightest, fittest and most creative, BLOK is the place to see and be seen and get an amazing workout out of it with top class trainers. For a little bit of a taster for those of you still reluctant to get those boxing gloves out, give this playlist a listen.

We would love to continue the exercise of making Redchurch and the surrounding streets sound better. We don’t belong to the camp who moan about the change going on in Shoreditch. We just want to make sure it all sounds good.

If you’re a business in the neighbourhood give us a call. We’re happy negotiating deals. Haircuts, coffee and beautiful art have all been traded for great music.

You know where we are (well, you will when you reach the next section).

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