It could be the stars in alignment. It could be hard earned expertise. Maybe the instinct for sensing something big. More probably it is a powerful cocktail of them all with a generous splash of old fashioned good luck. Whatever it is, the formula clicked.

An amazing brand, G-Star RAW, that think differently. An amazing agency, HERC, who refuse to compromise in pursuit of perfect, powerful work. Rogier is a creative director who makes you rethink the possibility and purpose of a creative director.

We had tracked The Blaze from their earliest signs. Recognising something special. We managed to secure the track “FACES” off their hugely anticipated, yet to be released “DANCEHALL” album. Not only that but we then fired a long shot even by our standards. All of a sudden we were recording a poetic, inspiring and complex lyric by revered American artist and Kendrick collaborator Rapsody.

G-Star RAW wanted a message of individuality, non-conformity and freedom. We, collectively, gave them a towering, cinematic and epic surge of sound and word power.

Dexter Navy conjured a hyper sensory visual trip where hip-hop ballerinas, urban climbers, girl dirt bikers, gravity defying BMX masters and sidewalk cowboys did what they do their way. The only way. The Kings and Queens of The Street. A very different nobility.

It sounds so easy. A global audience don’t need to know about the tears, the palpitations, the watermarked secret download links, the sleepless nights and the days that vaporize. The studio hours and the star struck beguile of working with heavyweight, platinum plated hip-hop master alchemist 9thWonder. It’s all just part of the way these things roll.

The piece has been launched this week. Then. The Blaze album release kicks in. The Times Square billboards, the star studded launch party at 180 Strand, the kind of cluster bomb campaign some thought was a thing of the past.

That moment when something shifts up and becomes a blinding flash phenomenon and timings just click and fit.

To be a part of it is an exhilarating reminder of the power of collaborating with great people on fantastic projects. Now, for the next one…….

G-Star RAW
Dexter Navy
'FACES' by The Blaze