Off the back of a successful bespoke commission for Gay Mountain with none other than the gentlemanly Peter Maynard, we embarked on a project for Peter's production company, Betsy Works, in conjunction with creative director Phil Lind and Grey London, for The Times and The Sunday Times. 

These stalwart newspapers offered up access to their 299 years of archive material to 9 crème de la crème independent film-makers to make a series of short films. Each film reviewed The Times dedication to journalism in various forms. By working with each director, we either commissioned bespoke composition or licensed library music to work a budget that was tighter than, you know... across the entire series. 

Some films lent themselves to sound design which added depth to the narrative, particularly for this Photojournalism film that our trusty in-house sound designer, James Morgan, executed with precision. 'The Only Ones' by Synesthesia is a prime example of working library music as hard as possible, and in this case creating our own music mix with additional production to weave in and out with the sound design. 

From the total of 9 films made we picked out a couple more of our favourites below.

This wasn't the first time awards had been collected for our use of music on a shoe-string; this time it was in the form of Shots 'Best Branded Content', along with a bronze cyber lion and a British Arrows Silver.  

Another such time was for Nokia Dot; a fine example of library music punching above its weight and winning awards.

The Times "Photojournalism"
Production Company
Betsy Works
Peter Maynard
Sound Designer
James Morgan
'The Only Ones' by Synesthesia