Identity is important. A particular look and feel can be judged as on-brand or off-brand; but what about how a brand sounds?

It’s not just music on advertising we’re talking here. When you look across all touch points, it’s plain to see that everything from app sounds and sound effects, through to mnemonics and hold music, all create an impression.

Our aim is to build a consistent and meaningful long-term sonic identity. A sonic space that is instantly recognisable as the brand sound and that transports the listener to a brand world that delivers deep emotional and identity value for them, that will make them feel positive and strengthen their relationship with the brand.

This doesn’t mean a brand has to stick to certain sounds or be limited to one genre of music, it’s about understanding how sound and music should make you feel, which could be applied to many kinds of sounds or genres of music.

We’ve worked on some pretty exciting brand projects which we could wax lyrical about, but to save us from writing endlessly, we thought we’d highlight three of our favourites.


How to make a future facing sports network stand out from the crowd while also being able to tie together all the different audio assets that are used across the different touch-points. Bringing together the world of linear TV and non linear. The aim of the brand was to expand in new territories which meant the brand sound had to be made international.

The brief was to focus on international electronic producers as this gave us the characteristics for what we were looking for on an international level. An electronic approach was a key way to make the brand values come to life. The process then led to creating a brand track which allowed us to then create a sound DNA. This could then be broken down  into a number of deliverables, ensuring that all the sounds were integrated from the same track.


Although the sound was reflecting a betting company, the sound of Sky Bet was not about showing off, or taking risks. It was to be a more sophisticated approach to being an expert and being in control. Making the track not only appealing to the Sky demographic but to the whole gambling industry was key.

We went through the human framework process to make a human sound. Creating a brand track which then the other assets fell from. Using a group of our close P&S group of composers, we were able to come out with a brand track that perfectly reflected the brand values.


For the launch of a new set top streaming box built by OnCue, we were tasked to create a recognisable and aesthetically attractive audio identity to compliment, reinforce and elevate the OnCue sound and create consistency in the audible brand voice of OnCue.

Enlisting the help of seven audio practitioners including Oscar winner Paul Epworth and electronic musician and producer extraordinaire, Jon Hopkins, we submitted initial creative routes for the sound of OnCue. Jon was included due to his signature production sound which reflected the brand values closely. A brand track was created which was then distilled to create the brand DNA.

The mnemonic was eventually built from three main parts; a breath inhale, falling two-note female vocal melody, and synthesiser chords. To reflect anticipation, humanity, and the future tech. An in-depth audio guideline was also created to future proof the audio identity of the brand.