Identity is important. A particular look and feel can be judged as on-brand or off-brand; but what about how a brand sounds? 

It’s not just music on advertising we’re talking here. When you delve into all touch points it’s plain to see that everything from app sounds through to a mnemonic, even hold music, create an impression. 

Our aim is to build a consistent AND MEANINGFUL long-term sonic identity. A sonic space that is instantly recognisable as the brand sound AND that transports the listener to a brand world, that delivers deep emotional and identity value as well as making them feel positive to strengthen their relationship with the brand.

This doesn’t mean a brand has to stick to certain sounds or be limited to one genre of music, it’s about understanding how sound and music should make you feel, which could be applied to many kinds of sounds or genres of music. 

In our busy world where senses are constantly bombarded with messages, lights, sounds, smells and all sorts we need to smartly figure out how a person will let us in. 

To lock down the sound of a brand and provide a distinct sound identity we apply a few processes:

• We build a distinctive and own-able sonic space 

• We build brand world & messaging priorities  

• We build a sonic equity hypothesis and scope  

• We build a consumer journey life map

After burrowing through our processes we create robust brand strategies and guidelines. This enables an identity to be built internally and externally. 

By focusing and prioritising important moments, opportunities for saving money and maximising budgets become clear as a result of this process.