When conveying the irony of this geeky hero against a credible urban track, not only did we have the pleasure of sizzling this banger by grime stalwart Lethal Bizzle, but we got to work with the director legends that are Megaforce. 

Saatchi & Saatchi called upon us to research in and around the vein of badass music. This started out with a bunch of retro kitsch rock references; from Judas Priest to ACDC to teenage rock ballads. We then progressed to hip hop from various eras, but what stuck and felt relevant to the character and likely demographic was the sound of the yute; Grime baby! Delivered from Lethal Bizzle and Stormzy, the lyrics from the chorus fit the context sweetly and connected the song to picture like Tarantino's English wannabe rude boy nephew. 

When interviewed about the campaign for press, creatives Mark Slack and Gemma Phillips shared their thinking:

“The brief was to find a modern track that might be used on a YouTube video by teenagers doing skate tricks or pranks.  It should be anarchic, but not in an obvious advertising-kind-of-way, with lyrics referencing ‘anarchy’ or ‘rebellion.’ It should feel authentic.

When we cast our lead actor, we knew we needed to choose a track that sounded the antithesis of what he looked like - putting a Grime or Rap over a pale skinned ginger chap is always going to be funny. There was the added back story of Lethal Bizzle being a UK artist too which we loved and made it the perfect match for a British brand.

It works because it’s unexpected.  Not only for the star of the ad, but also for commercials.  There’s not many ads that use Grime out there so it stands out and gets you to look up from your phone or from making a brew in the other room.”

The track charted in the Shazam Top 10 TV Ads chart the week it went live. It was originally released the year before in the UK. 

As a bit of fun, a second film was created featuring the lead and Lethal Bizzle - check the Lethal Snazzle below.

Saatchi & Saatchi
"Dude" by Lethal Bizzle + Stormzy