It’s not just the artists themselves, but the people around them are incredibly important, if not more so when getting deals done. In the case of Lana, history goes back to promoting clubs and parties in Liverpool and London with Lana’s manager. Deep roots and trust go along way. It also explains why you try to help one another along the way. This was the backdrop to being in on what would be a scoop for P&S and client, Corinthia, and one of our classiest projects. Before anyone knew about Lana, we knew what was developing and had that excitable feeling for what was to come, something HUGE. This timing coincided with the opening of a luxury London Hotel, Corinthia. Consequently we were invited to work alongside the hotel and their PR agency to run a live music programme that would put Corinthia on the map, raise awareness amongst the right London scenesters and generate noise in the right places. 

Lana Del Rey, Scissor Sisters, Daniel Pemberton, and Barbarossa where highlights of the programme. 

Lana Del Rey, the piano, a spectacular chandelier and the sultry, slow burn, bruised noir of her fragile songs. Beautiful and melancholic. Like channeling the spirits of The Chateau Marmont into twenty first century London. Who says the magic is missing in modern music? 

Our gorgeous friends The Scissor Sisters racing from a sold out Hammersmith Apollo to stun a fortunate crowd of around ninety with their intoxicating, high grade sequinned assault.

We also curated talent to play in the hotel from a variety of bands and composers, giving the music an authentic feel, not your lobby standard jazz thang. With some artists, we commissioned music videos to reveal different parts of the hotel through content. By leveraging hospitality with artist managers and labels we were able to make deals work for everyone, both client and artist side.

Results exceeded expectations on social media with the right people tweeting about secret shows as they happened through to lifestyle press a plenty. Corinthia became a destination where you might bump into an artist who made the place their home, or just happen upon someone unexpected tinkling the ivories in the bassoon cocktail bar.